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REMI Network Highlights Great Gulf's Active House

September 27, 2023
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An active house that sets new standards for indoor comfort, energy efficiency and sustainable building practices was recently on display in Bradford, Ontario. Last week, Great Gulf unveiled Summerlyn Active House, a third of its kind in Canada, but the first production and sale home.

The customizable design will soon be available in select communities across the province. Those who choose to live in one are promised a better quality of life—sleep, moods, concentration, productivity—while simultaneously reducing their impact on climate change.

Brussels-based Active House Alliance—founded by Great Gulf and Danish-based manufacturing company Velux—came up with the design’s methodology ahead of the world’s first certified active house launch in Etobicoke seven years ago. Since active house principles and specifications were defined in 2011, they have been applied to numerous building types: single-family and multi-family residential, social housing, offices, schools and more. 

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